These early years are crucial to the children’s development and learning. Our preschool program helps prepare your child not only to succeed in school, but also to be a positive contributor to society. Our curriculum promotes social interaction and fun while learning. Children explore solutions to problems through independent discovery and team work. The activity based learning environment provides intellectual stimulation, emotional support, and enables the children to become leaders of tomorrow

This is a perfect time for all children to develop gross motor skills on our playground using tricycles, playing basketball, jumping rope, climbing or in their classrooms dancing, singing, and stretching, using the parachute, doing yoga, and much more! It is also a great time to develop the fine motor skills: such as buttoning, stringing beads, cutting, and drawing,  

Children’s social development will focus in areas such as self-confidence, self-control, following rules and routines, making friends and team work. The cognitive development will target areas such as acquiring thinking skills such as the ability to solve problems, to ask questions, to think logically-sorting, classifying, comparing, counting, and making patterns. In the language development area children will use words to communicate with others, listen to and participate in conversations with others, and understand the purpose of print, recognizing letters and words and begin the writing for purpose.
Priceless Moments' curriculum is a well-balanced, age appropriate curriculum of specific, planned learning experiences that support the social, emotional, physical, intellectual and language development of all children.
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